2*His best friend and adviser _____ a lot of work for him.

A. has done

B. have done

C. was done

D. were done


3*You’d better not leave the medicine _________ kids can get at it.

A. even if

B. which

C. where

D. so that



4*_________ makes you think _________ I’m unfair?

A. Which; that

B. What; if

C. That; if

D. What; that

答案是D。what 代表让你认为我不公平的事情。that 无意义,不翻译


5*–Sorry for having kept you waiting. But for the traffic jam, I ____ 20 minutes earlier.

—-Never mind. I haven’t been waiting that long.

A. arrived

B. would arrive

C. would have arrived

D. had arrived



6* Child _________ he is, he knows a lot of English.

A. as

B. when

C. because

D. if


7* You will be successful in the interview ___ you have confidence.

A. before

B. once

C. until

D. though

interview 面试

confidence 信心

答案是B。once 一旦。一旦你有了信心,你就会在面试中取得成功。

8* _____ several times about it, but he could not give the correct answer.

A. Being asked

B. Having been asked

C. He would ask

D. He had been asked

答案是D。有but 说明逗号前后都是句子。AB是非谓语,不是句子,排除。C的时态和语态不对

9* Hearing his father was seriously ill, ____.

A. he burst into tears

B. his eyes were filled with tears

C. his face lost its color

D. tears came to his eyes


BCD的主语和hearing 都没关系。

10* We dont doubt ________ he can do a good job.

A. whether

B. that

C. how

D. why


11*We doubt ________ he can do a good job.

A. whether

B. that

C. how

D. why



12* This book is______ that one, but______ than that one.

A. as difficult as; expensive

B. as more difficult as; more expensive

C. as difficult as; more expensive

D. more difficult as; as expensive


as …… as中间用原级,有than用比较级

13. A hundred and thirty dollars _____ for that fur coat.

A. is a reasonable price

B. are a reasonable price

C. are not a reasonable price

D. is a too reasonable price



D选项的正确格式是 too reasonable a price

too adj a n

reasonable 形容词 合理的

14*Do you know the boy ____ under the big tree ?

A. lay

B. lain

C. laying

D. lying


lie 躺着,现在分词lying

lay 动词原形,放置

15* John may phone tonight. I dont want to go out________ he phones.

A. as long as

B. in order that

C. in case

D. so that

答案是C,in case 以防,以免

16*My question is __________ you’ll go there.

A. if

B. whether

C. that

D. what


17*I came into the classroom, ______ my seat and sat down to read.

A. finding

B. to find

C. found

D. founded

答案是C。三个动词做并列谓语,came, found and sat。我走进教室,找到座位,坐下看书

18*We wish you ____ able to join us in the party last night.

A. can be

B. had been

C. could be

D. were


wish 后面的从句是虚拟


19* The book is quite different from ________ I read last month.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. /


from 是介词,介词后面接的从句是宾语从句

what 代表我上个月看的书


20*It was _____ that we wanted to stay here for another two days.

A. such fine weather

B. such a fine weather

C. so weather fine

D.so fine a weather

答案是A。weather 天气,不可数名词,不能加a,BD排除,C的顺序不对。

21*He wonders _______ the sound came from

A. where

B. when

C. how

D. that




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